Chattering Butterflies – Sat 1st Sep 2018

Whilst listening closely to the Yellow Peril’s engine earlier this week (as you do) – I noticed a bit of a mechanical clattering noise coming from left hand throttle body as I revved the engine using the throttle linkage.

This odd noise and the fact that the engine had gone a bit off-song since its trip to Le Mans Classic in early July prompted me to arrange a visit to see Steve Winter at Jaz Porsche for his expert opinion.


A quick blast up the M1 to St Albans warmed the engine up nicely and shortly after I arrived – Steve stuck his head under the engine lid to listen the engine running. His swift diagnosis was “chattering butterflies”!

Yellow Peril 2.2S engine – can you hear those butterflies chattering?









Whilst this was a relief in that Steve confirmed the definitive cause of the noise indicating worn throttle butterfly mechanisms – it will mean that the throttle bodies will need to be rebuilt in the near future. Once sorted however – this should also enable the tuning to be fully sorted and the Yellow Peril should be raucously flying again!

Diagnosis completed РI let Steve get on with the urgent task of preparing cars for the Brands Hatch Festival of Porsche whilst I had a snoop around the lovely machinery and Porsche bits and pieces currently housed in Jaz premises.

Jaz Porsche workshop










There was a positive abundance of 356’s which was great. These are such jaw-droppingly beautiful cars!



It was interesting to see Steve’s 911 2.2S engine part way through its rebuild on the engine stand.

Steve’s 2.2S engine – part way through reassembly










And there was an Ernst Fuhrmann designed 4-cam Carrera engine on a trolley also awaiting attention.

4-cam Carrera engine

Race Car

Steve’s Red Rocket race car was receiving some sorting out prior to it’s outing to Brands Hatch.

Steve’s Red Rocket – a 1965 SWB 911








Homeward Bound (with butterflies)

Job done – I blasted back to London but as I was about to put the car back in the garage – I noticed a hairline crack in the windscreen. ¬†Old cars! Don’t you just love them!

Thankfully I will be able to drive the Yellow Peril to the Brands Hatch Festival of Porsche albeit with “chattering butterly” accompaniment!



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