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Tanked Up – Sat 17th July 2021

An early start beckoned for my cycle ride down to Fenchurch Street Station to get myself and my bike onto the train to the far east. Shoeburyness in the far east of Essex was my destination and the purpose of my trip was to collect the Yellow Peril after its new fuel tank and associated hoses had been fitted at Sportwagen.

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Out East! Porsche Club Meet – Sun 18th Nov 2018

Mild and sunny November weather was the final enticement I needed to go Out East with the Yellow Peril.

Nick and Ed Pike (organisers of the Porsche Club London Region) hunted down this great venue some months back and the 3rd Sunday in the month meet seems to have become very popular with club members. It’s far less frenetic than the former Smithfield venue i.e. no stroppy traffic wardens!

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Far East Fix For Crouch End Fender Bender – 17th Dec 2017

On the train from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness on a chilly but gloriously sunny morning – I was full of anticipation. Not only was I  collecting my repaired car but I’d also be able to have a look at ongoing projects at Sportwagen in the far east of Essex.

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Spark Life! – Sat 23rd Sep 2017

A rather annoying and inconsistent recalcitrance to rev has afflicted my old 911 for a some weeks. Having adjusted the choke and swapped the CDI box to no avail – Steve opted to swap the ignition coil on my latest visit to Jaz Porsche in St Albans as symptoms suggested insufficient spark.

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Jaz Porsche Open Day – Sat 31st Jan 2015

Busy Jaz Workshop
Busy Jaz Workshop

Jaz Porsche provided a great uplift from the January gloom by holding an open day to show off their new St. Albans premises and to display some of their projects and handy work.

Sleet and snow meant that driving conditions were not ideal but the prospect of quick blast up the M1 in my old 911 to Steve and Claire Winter’s new premises and meet up with fellow Porsche enthusiasts  over a drink and bite to eat was too good to miss.


The new workshop is much more spacious than the one that Jaz left in Wembley and with fresh paint and great Porsche posters adorning the walls it looks like a clinically clean environment in which to service and restore treasured Porsches of all ages.

A quick chat with Steve resulted in me adding to his order for US-sourced Salt & Pepper 911 carpet sets. Then a chat with Bruce Cooper from Sportwagen got me booked in for a paint check and trimming work to fit the new carpet set. Job done!

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911 saga


My 911 saga began actually began with a dream of owning an earlier Porsche model – the 356, but much research and inspection of cars led me to the conclusion that:-

a) Buying a decent 356 at that time was beyond my means and

b) Using a 356 as a daily driver wasn’t really terribly practical.

The 356 engined 912 became toy next Porsche target and I looked at a few cars until Porsche expert Andy Prill pointed out that the cost of fully restoring a 912 are pretty well the same as for a 911 but with two cylinders less than a 911 the resulting value of the car would be significantly lower and thereby represent a less compelling long-term investment.

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