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Boxengasse Oilcooled – Sun 23rd Aug 2020

So what and where on Earth is Boxengasse?

Well Boxengasse – the word translates from German to English as “Pit Lane” but Boxengasse the place is a large rural site off the A41 near Bicester which is dedicated to all things Porsche.

It incorporates a number of old farm buildings as well as new purpose built buildings in the same agricultural/industrial style which accommodate the site owner Frank Cassidy’s home, his personal car collection and the premises of Autofarm – a long established classic Porsche restoration and race preparation company.

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Luftgekühlt GB – Sun 29th Jul 2018

After what has seemed like an eternity of positively tropical (by British standards) weather – it was something of a tragedy that rain arrived in abundance over the weekend of the first Luftgekühlt GB meeting at Bicester Heritage Centre!

To paraphrase John Cooper Clarke – “the weather was just like the brothers……………………Grimm”!

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